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I have always been a seeker. My interest in meditation and Buddhism took me on the path of self-discovery. While on this path I came across my mentor Dr Shefali Tsabary and her revolutionary method of CONSCIOUS PARENTING, the practice of re-parenting ourselves and healing our inner wounds which we carry from our childhood so we become WHOLE and RESILIENT.

When I gave birth to my first child I thought I had it in me to parent her the right way. Little did I know that children come to us to awaken us to our truth. When my real child did not turn out to be my fantasy child, I was losing my temper. I became resentful of myself for moulding her into something that she wasn’t ready to be. That’s when I woke up, I mean I really had to wake up. My daughter was already three years old and I was just trying to make her my fantasy child and she was refusing. I realised that something had to change, either my expectation needed to change about my fantasy or I was going to really trample upon my child’s spirit.

I knew there was a missing piece in the puzzle and I was constantly on the look out to seek for answers. Children have the power to crack us open and show us our unresolved issues, be our teachers to set us free only if we allow them to do so.

I found all my answers in the conscious parenting method and I finally knew how to be the parent that I had envisioned for myself. I realised it takes deep attunement, compassion and presence to raise another being. If you want a different way of showing up to your life and your relationships, a conscious way, I would love to be your partner in transforming your LIFE.


Please Note

*All private sessions are considered ‘coaching’ and not counselling or psychological treatment.


It’s the awareness that the parents need to be at the highest level of consciousness that they can possibly be to raise their child. By focusing on the parent, it asks the parent to raise themselves, the child within them, before they raise the child before them.
Conscious Parenting is

  • Parent focused
  • Relationship focused
  • Need focused
  • Connection focused

When you don’t understand how your past influences your present, you become frozen in time.

The moment you get angry at your child, your tone rises. Your heartbeat skips a few beats or you start breathing heavily or you speak rapidly or your cheeks get flushed or there is some sort of elevation in emotional reactivity. That is the sign that you are no longer in the present moment, but have been hijacked almost in a flight or fight survival response by an emotional memory that was buried deep within you, but has now come to surface.

When we learn how to decipher which part is "ours" and learn to attend to this part in ourselves, we can then attend to the child in front of us and attune to their essence. This alone is the KEY in transforming your relationship with your child.

A conscious parenting coach :

  • Focuses on the parent’s behaviour and attitude versus the child’s.
  • Helps parents control less and connect more.
  • Recognises that everyone comes with a past and a conditioning.
  • Helps parents reach their most authentic and whole self.
  • I am currently offering virtual meetings due to COVID -19, until health and safety guidelines are set forth.
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  • The first session is a complimentary 30 min discovery session.
  • I offer pay as you go or packages of 5 and 7 sessions. Contact me below for pricing.

My sessions with Apurva were an eye-opener in so many ways. She gently deconstructs all the walls you have been building up without realizing that you are doing it. Her observation skills are exceptional, she comes back with defined responses and does not leave loose ends hanging. After a few sessions with her, I've become a lot more aware about who I am, as a person, and as a mother and how I want to navigate my life here on. I can't stress enough on how important it is for each one of us to have this perspective. I highly recommend Apurva's sessions. Try it and you can thank me later!

Shubha Khaddar

I just want to thank Apurva from the bottom of my heart for all her timely efforts, guidance and help. I was in this phase of my life wherein I didn't know what to do , was confused and unsure about stuff, wanting to change things, my outlook towards life and things but most importantly about wanting to improve relationship with my kids especially my daughter. And all I needed was someone to show me the correct path, to show me the mirror and she just did that. I got a clear picture about myself and also a reality check. I am able to see things differently now and hopefully will be able to change things for myself and my kids in the long run.

Shamama Abid

I was completely unaware about this concept of LIFE coaching. A very good friend of mine asked me to meet Apurva Ma'am to obtain clarity about the situations happening in my life. At the time of the first session I was hoping for someone to help me emotionally through a difficult time but not just to console me but inspire and provide direction and produce momentum in my life in a completely different set of circumstances. During the first session only I was talking, so it was normal for me. But from the second session I was able to understand such things about myself which were not understood by anyone. I think I was very strict with myself. Apurva Ma'am explained me of loving myself, understanding myself and accepting myself the way I am. I now have a belief in myself as a parent, as a beautiful woman who I am today. I have confidence in myself as an individual. Five sessions changed my personality. I now trust my sub-conscious to know how to assist me through a difficult time. I now know and sense my worth as a parent, partner and person. In many ways I doubted myself as a significant person had deserted me. I now realize that I can rely on myself for strength and support. I enjoyed being pleasantly met every single time that we connected on what's app. This was exhilarating. Apurva Ma'am displayed a genuine interest in my wellbeing and put so much effort into explaining concepts. She is very warm and caring and willing to give herself for the benefit of others. The remedies she recommended me are helping me when I am going through something. I am really grateful and fortunate to meet Apurva Ma'am and will always be in touch if I am going through difficult times and refer others to just meet such Life coaches to come out of the stressful moments.

Snehal Gaikwad

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